Robina Face Recognition SDK Deep Learning

Face Recognition SDK

Robina face recognition SDK is designed to identify individuals, supervise and control people in organizations, offices, banks and authorities that deal with security. Using state of the art machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithms , Robina is able to recognize people in different lighting conditions in real-time.

99% Accuracy

On LFW Dataset


Recognition Time

1000 Individuals

Recognition Capability


Programming Language


What is the best way to identify the identity of people? How to recognize people without contact and physical methods? Is it possible to do the attendance process while maintaining distance? What is the way to detect the entry of unauthorized people into an area?


Recognizing people's identity has become one of the most important and controversial issues of the last decade. Identifying the identity through the biometric information of people is an efficient and accurate method, and in this field, face recognition is the most demanded. Especially in recent years, the world community needs non-contact solutions so that the processes of presence and absence and control of people can be carried out remotely and with high accuracy.


Robina facial recognition SDK is a software engine for performing biometric identity identification process through facial recognition. Through Robina, it is possible to add the ability to recognize and distinguish details of people's faces to software products.


Robina SDK uses state of the art image processing and artificial intelligence techniques for face recognition and authentication of people and by using deep learning algorithms, it provides very high accuracy in performing this process without affecting from age change, appearance, make-up and haircut, it recognizes people's faces with reliable accuracy.



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