iPelak License Plate Recognition Solution

Traffic And Parking Management Solution

iPelak is a reliable and specialized license plate recognition software solution for intelligent traffic management and access control, which by connecting to surveillance cameras can provide accurate and instant surveillance of vehicle traffics and record complete information of each traffic. iPelak also has the capability of controlling barriers and gates via relay control module, and by connecting to them, it can manage vehicle access automatically and smart.


Plate Recognition

Multiple Countries

Plate Support

Compatibility With

Various Cameras

Barrier And Gate

Smart Automation


How can we have complete information about the cars in transit? What is the solution to record the entry and exit of employees' cars on the organization's premises? Is there a more optimal method for the automation of parking lots than RFID cards and tags? What can be done to make the gate and parking of residential households intelligent?


Traffic control has high importance in the world today. With the increasing use of cars and other vehicles, our world needs more than ever a solution to monitor the traffic of cars and people. In addition to reliable accuracy, this solution needs constant stability in order to be able to monitor the traffic of cars 24/7.


iPelak license plate recognition software is a safe and reliable solution for recording the information of vehicles in traffic. Using SATPA license plate recognition library, iPelak provides high accuracy in recognizing the license plates of moving vehicles. This software also provides users with various capabilities in analytics and license plate search based on various parameters, comprehensive reporting, intelligent control of roadblocks and gates, and issuing bills.


With its different application specified versions, iPelak license plate Recogntion software meets a wide range of user needs in traffic management and video surveillance. This software has the ability to manage smart parking lots, control entry and exit gates of organizations and residential households, monitor urban and intercity streets and roads, and install on moving vehicles. Also, this software can be used locally and client/server.


پلاک خوان سازمان ها و ادارات
آی پلاک مجتمع مسکونی
Residential Households
آی پلاک پارکینگ
آی پلاک تاکسی رانی
Taxi Administration
آی پلاک معاینه فنی
Vehicle Inspection
آی پلاک کارخانه
آی پلاک جاده و خیابان
Streets And Roads
آی پلاک هتل
Hotels And Theaters
آی پلاک دانشگاه ها
آی پلاک عوارضی
Toll Collection


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