SATPA License Plate Recognition SDK


SATPA is an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) SDK designed for developers, supporting license plate formats of several countries. SATPA is developed via latest image processing and neural networks technologies allowing it to detect and OCR license plates in real-time. 




Detection Time

Multiple Countries

Plate format Support



Smart License Plate Recognition

Access control is an important subject for organizations all over the world. With ever expanse of society and vehicle traffic, the need for a fast and reliable solution is growing. An access control software with ANPR capability that detects license plates and records traffic in real-time , can provide safety , security and smart management.

Satpa can provide softwares with power to automatically detect and record license plates of moving vehicles from camera streams. It can be used to inform if vehicle has permission to access an specific location or not. It can grant software developers to get exact time and vehicle picture and details so that they can have a list of all traffics in their software.

Satpa is capable of recognizing Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern countries license plate formats at the time and formats of any other countries can be added by costumers request.

when Satpa SDK is fed with camera streams as input, it processes the feed through several image processing algorithms and neural networks and returns plate text as a string with pictures of the car and license plate .

Satpa is developed via OpenCV and LibVLC and several Shahaab exclusive libraries that can extract license plate text in real-time. Satpa can connect to any IP cameras but it’s best used with Onvif supported Ones.

Satpa has been used in many access control, smart parking and weighbridge softwares over 15 years and gained vast improvements through supporting and on-going development all this time.

Shahaab has also developed iPelak software that uses Satpa engine for access control , parking, tolling and weighbridge software services.


آی پلاک پارکینگ
Parking Management
آی پلاک جاده و خیابان
Urban Traffic
Smart City
آی پلاک تاکسی رانی
Taxi Management
آی پلاک عوارضی

Features :

Get Demo :

To recieve demo version of SATPA ANPR DLL, please send us your request with your information via email. we will send you the demo as soon as possible.

Pricing :

The price list of SATPA license plate recognition library is as follows.

If you buy more than one license, indicate how you want to issue the license (number of computers and cameras) when ordering in the order description section.

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